Devvela is proud to have worked on one of the first Russian smart TV’s. Pioneers in their area, they keep on legally delivering breaking premieres to their users.
PHP, MySQL, Yii Framework
Web development, Mobile, Smart TV development, eCommerce, Cloud based solutions
Media, Social

There is probably nothing new about watching movies online today. Yet while working on NOW.RU we were aiming to create a service that would improve user’s experience greatly. Categorized search system allows finding desirable movies at ease. Paid subscription can be activated via online payment services the website is integrated with. Users can browse their watching history and create lists of selected and recommended films.

While refactoring the system, we worked with two interdependent databases with the same trigger in order to ensure uninterrupted website performance. As a result, neither user’s visual display, nor functionality was touched by refactoring. User actions statistics forming system is based on NodeJS.

Developed for RuTube.

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