Experience and Expertise

As an IT-company, Devvela has a proven history in providing businesses with a completely new experience by developing and implementing custom software solutions. Today we unite a talent pool of developers, designers, business analysts, project managers with higher levels of expertise.

We have already completed 200+ projects, keeping 120+ clients happy. For 15 years, Devvela has been a stellar software development partner for businesses to achieve certain goals through their digital journey.

  • 200+


  • 120


  • 15


Our Clients

  • SpiritHub
  • Chicago Electric Boats Company
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Meta
Chicago Electric Boats Company
Mitsubishi Electric

Industries We Work With

We have already completed projects of varying complexities within different industries, providing individual and systematic approaches to each one.

  • Manufacturing

  • Wholesale Distribution

  • Logistics and Transportation

  • Startups

We Are a Good Fit When

Your organization is experiencing one of the following symptoms:

  • You want to roll out a new product but don’t have enough expertise or resources to do it

  • Site or Apps are so old and need a complete overhaul

  • Competitors have advanced in their digital presence and functionality, need to catch up and get ahead

  • Problems with current developer: there are delays and poor communications, looks like they can’t complete the project

Digital Solutions We Provide

Devvela provides a wide range of software development and IT-outsourcing services, to find better digital solutions to any issue.

  • Process automation

  • Data-driven product development

  • Legacy software transformation

  • E-commerce

  • IoT solutions

  • AI & Machine Learning

Devvela Uses Only Upcoming Software Development Technologies

To help your business achieve your goals, we enhance our capacities day by day, working with various programming languages, platforms, and cut-edging technologies:

  • Mobile:

    iOS, Android, ReactNative, Flutter, Unity

  • Web:

    React JS, NodeJS, Angular, Vue.js, Spring MVC, ASP.NET, Nest.js, ASP.NET Core, WordPress, SSG

  • Programming languages:

    PHP, C++, Swift, Kotlin, Java, Python

  • Project management software:

    Jira, Basecamp, Gitlab

White Paper

The last two decades have offered plenty of proof that applying the Agile methodology to developing applications leads to dramatically more successful results than the Waterfall approach. Learn how flexible approach can help with the development of digital products.

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Development Life Cycle

We adhere to Agile methodology principles. Each project has a dedicated project manager and cross-functional team. We actively engage our clients in the process and keep everything transparent along the way. You’re always in control.

  • Discovery

  • Strategy

  • Product

  • Digital

  • Support

Tap into Our Expertise for Successful Product Development

Devvela will seamlessly help you on your digital journey, avoiding the most common pitfalls and bottlenecks of this process. Through the years of delivering to businesses and startups, we have formalized the following set of principles:

  • Use of Agile process as a central guideline
  • Secure professional dedicated teams for each individual project
  • Never stop learning to keep up with technologies
  • Focus on business not software
  • Start with small steps, analyze the outcome and adjust your further roadmap


Devvela is a custom software development IT company with 15 years of experience based in Chicago, USA. Our company also has such awards as:

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Tell Us About Your Projects

Shane Martin

Chicago Electric Boat Company

Devvela possesses the rare combination of creative insight and technical skill to transform budding ideas into fully functional platforms. Their understanding of our needs and the level of detail committed to each step of the process was a 5 star experience from a 5 star company.

Business Development Manager

Automation Company

Devvela has done an incredible job of not only responding to us quickly but pushing out updates as soon as possible.

Anand Vyas

Spunden Technology

Being responsive and taking ownership is key and they do that effectively.

Co-Founder & CEO

Event-Tech Company

They were willing to accommodate and adapt to what we were trying to accomplish.

Business Development Specialist


Devvela has done an incredible job of not only responding to us quickly but pushing out updates as soon as possible.