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About Devvela

Devvela is a custom design and development company for web and mobile, with headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. Established in 2007, the core team has grown to over 50 people across two continents, with offices in Chicago, US and Ljubljana, Slovenia. We provide business-oriented bespoke solutions and integrations, focusing on Data-driven Product Development, Process Automation, Legacy Software Transformation, and User Experience.

With 50+ talented engineers, designers and project managers, 200+ projects and satisfied clients we take pride in our work, culture, approach and relationships. We are large enough to handle digital transformations, and small enough to provide exceptional service. Our cross-functional teams can ramp-up with two-weeks notice. We ship working software to market in three to six months.

Our main value proposition consists of accelerated time to market, measurable results and business outcome, and crystal clear process. We follow the principles of Agile Process, Dedicated Teams, Focus on Business not Software, to achieve project goals.

Our expertise is in E-commerce, Healthcare, Events, Sports, Manufacturing, Logistics and Transportation industries. We provide a full range of services for all platforms, and master stack of advanced and emerging technologies in Big Data, Machine Learning, IoT and AI.

We are proud to have been working with such companies as Oracle, Mitsubishi, Ricoh, Cisco, BluJay, Crowe among others.

In 2016 and 2017 Devvela was named as one of the top mobile app development agencies, in 2018 as one of top developers in Chicago according to Clutch, as well as a number of top lists for best web and mobile development companies in 2020.


Your product to drive results will be built following these principles:

  • Focus on your Customers experience
  • Data-driven Agile process
  • Dedicated teams only
  • Advanced technologies expertise
  • Focus on business objectives not coding


  • Igor Golubchik

    Igor Golubchik


  • Boris Udachin

    Boris Udachin


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The last two decades have offered plenty of proof that applying the Agile methodology to custom software app development leads to dramatically more successful results than the Waterfall approach. Learn how flexible approach can help with the development of digital products

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