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It surely isn’t very easy for investors to meet the right entrepreneurs. MYPIO project’s aim is to help this happen. Initially, it was an idea of a successful businessman from St. Petersburg who came to us with a vision. He based his reasoning and inspiration on the fact there were several successful crowdfunding platforms in Russia, but no such for crowdinvesting.

This is another website we had to build up from scratch. Yet in this case we didn’t have to be very creative, as the client knew exactly what he wanted. So we were rather to listen to him and carefully implement all the details he described to us. Today, MYPIO offers wide range of tools allowing both to create projects and invest into them.

The website has complex logic. It took us some time to find an appropriate online payment system that would be capable of handling requests for refunds, which best2pay appeared to be. We also used other third-party services such as Google Form and Webclick. Google forms were customized so that end-user would never recognize them. Personal account allows user to process and track all operations. Despite logical complexity, interface is user-friendly. Another special thing about this website is that they don’t publish every single project submitted by users. Instead, risks and success probability are estimated on each of them, and only if results meet certain criteria, it gets published.
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