Mobile app development can help enable connections that never could’ve happened before. TownSquare, a new mobile app built by Devvela, demonstrates how.
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The client came to us with the idea of an app they described as an “ice breaker”. There are a lot of people around for whom starting communication with a stranger is extremely difficult due to personal reasons. Our client thought this special character trait should not prevent interaction with others. The app would allow getting in touch with a person of your interest in the same room without physically contacting them. No more curiosity from those who are not concerned when trying to get to know someone in the same room, no more ‘oh, how I wished I were brave enough!’s.

No matter how good the client’s intentions were, they had no idea how this could be implemented by means of technology. So, first of all, we did research to find out what tech would allow for most accurate positioning, and which other possible opportunities could be provided. We summarized the results of our research and described a development plan in the discovery document which the client loved and approved at once.

Every smartphone is a location awareness device. This feature allows for determining and sharing your location with other users through wireless networks (WLAN), GPS, Galileo, and other infrastructure - if you let it, of course. TownSquare utilizes location awareness to simplify the process of getting to know people in your vicinity. Open and communicative TownSquare users are free to show everyone what they think is important about them. Others who are curious yet careful can stay anonymous and provide only a little piece of personal information.

We decided to use Swift which allowed to build an MVP pretty quickly, about three times quicker than it’d be if we used Objective C. In a month, a working prototype was delivered to the client. Soon after, we entered the post-MVP stage and started working on new amazing features. Early in 2017, the app was released on the App Store and Google Play.

TownSquare app is a great example of how mobile development can help people socialize and make new contacts despite uncertainty and in an environment that might not be very friendly. Devvela has been working on the app’s functionality and UX/UI design from the very beginning, turning the idea into product. Next development stage introducing new amazing features has already been planned.

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