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Track medications for you and your loved ones most accurately with Medsense.

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A mobile app that won’t rest until you take your medications was our client’s innovative idea, which he decided to get off the ground with our help. The working principle was clear: a user just needed to set up a medication schedule and adjust a special sensor to a pill bottle. When the time came to take the drug, he’d receive a notification on his mobile. After opening the bottle and taking the pill, the app would receive a signal from the sensor and record taking meds. However, in the development process, we realized that direct communication with the sensors as main option was not good enough for the correct operation of the app. That is why the client understood the need for the gateway, a special device catching the signals from sensors and transmitting them to the app and got down to its development. Simple at first glance, the Medsense app idea turned out to be a real challenge.


To solve the challenge of the Medsense app, it was decided to use sensors based on beacon technology. After working with several beacon models, we have developed an intelligent signal recognition algorithm that would allow the system to distinguish an actual bottle opening from any other motion. To this end, we have created a unique parser – a separate script which collects only predefined information. As it was our first experience of work with this specific model of beacon technology-based sensors, we had to understand the principle of their work: what the output coordinates are, how they are built, how to use them, etc. We successfully coped with this task. Also, we managed to process the data packages from the multiple sensor groups as well as come up with the algorithms of uniting data to process its large pieces. Finally, we provided simple and clear gateway setup right in the application.


As a result, users got a useful and properly working application with friendly UX design. The Medsense application allows them to track taking an unlimited range of medicines, no matter the schedule and dosage. We’ve not only developed the app, its back end, and API but also prepared the data for implementing Amazon Alexa Skill. It opened the door for getting notifications both in the app and from Amazon Alexa. In addition to reminding a user that it is now time to take his pill, Medsense offers intake statistics. If he fails to keep up with the schedule, the app will let his loved ones know about it. The user can specify a set of people to keep them informed. This is how technology now has our loved ones’ health covered!

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