Track meds intake for you and your loved ones most accurately with Medsense. Special beacons allow Medsense to identify whether a drug was taken on schedule.
Swift, PHP, Yii, Java

Medsense is a mobile app that won’t rest until you take your medications. All you need to do is set up your intake schedule through the app interface and adjust a special beacon to a pill bottle. When the time comes to take the drug, you receive a notification on your mobile. Open the bottle and take the pill — the app will receive a signal from the beacon and automatically record an intake.

Seemingly simple at a glance, the app idea appeared to be a challenge in its delivery. We had to test several beacon models and develop an intelligent signal recognition algorithm that would allow the system to distinguish an actual bottle opening from its any other motion. The UX design was given special attention to make the mobile app friendly for users of any proficiency level.

The application allows you to track intake of an unlimited range of medicines, no matter the schedule and dosage. In addition to reminding you that it is now time to take your pill, Medsense offers intake statistics. If you fail to keep up with the schedule, the app will let your loved ones know about it. You can specify a set of people to keep informed.

This is how technology now has our loved ones’ health covered!

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