Designing custom elevator is a challenge. Devvela created a complex tool that allows purchasing elevators with custom features online.
PHP, MySQL, Bitrix, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Responsive
Web development

High-rise age has triggered elevator production industry. And the more complex construction is, the more difficult it is to find the right elevator. That’s why we had to build an easy-to-use website for our client Vek, elevator manufacturer. Users have access to product catalogue, services, and technical documentation.

What is special about this website is business process automation system allowing several steps from forming manufacturing orders with flexible configuration tool to issuing summary settlement and transaction documents. Users can check order status in their personal account. Company’s specialists have their personal accounts too, allowing them to receive orders on the stage they are responsible for and process them. Configurator is made flexible, so whenever our client wants to implement changes to its logic, we’re ready to help.

Our work consisted of two main parts. First, we created a corporate website. Then we built up automation system. All web design was performed by Devvela.
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