Coral is an alternative to the Airbnb Guidebooks. We upgraded it through AWS, continuous integration, slackbot notifications, and website relocation.
Cake PHP, AngularJS, Amazon Website Services
Web development

Coral is a startup aiming to simplify the entire hosting process. Hosts create guidebooks to present information about their home and neighborhood in a beautiful and intuitive format. As a result, guests are aware of directions, house rules, and amenities having it all in their pocket.

As the client came to us, they already had a website built. They only wanted us to upgrade the website layout. We managed to finish work very quickly and secure the highest quality. The client just loved the results and decided they’d outsource more complex tasks to us. Server works were among such tasks. The client needed to move to another AWS account. It had to be set up anew, and the website had to be relocated. One of the main challenges was setting up Elastic Load Balancer to facilitate automatic creation of website copies when main server is overloaded.

Devvela was able to write scalable code and did good AWS [Amazon Web Services] infrastructure work. They have attention to detail and write code keeping in mind that other people will build on top of it later on. Overall, Devvela is highly recommended.

In addition, as we looked at their application structure, we proposed development process upgrade including:

- mandatory stage use before releasing to prod and automated

- simple and unproblematic stage and prod updating with Jenkins.

We also met other challenges such as continuous integration, push and commit notifications facilitated through slack bots, and website relocation to a different repo. Richie Bonilla, CEO of Coral has been highly satisfied with the quality delivered, so when, a research company reach out to him, he gave them a positive review on our work:

Client review by Richie Bonilla, SEO of Cral, Aibnb guidebooks alternative

Today, we keep on working on the product updating it and implementing new features.

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