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Easy Market Entry of the Startup from Concept to Development with Innovative Personalized Marathon Training Apps

Ultra founder has a direct connection to sports. He is a professional athlete and coach, and he knows exactly what it takes to prepare correctly.

Ultra founder has a direct connection to sports. He is a professional athlete and coach, and he knows exactly what it takes to prepare correctly.

Challenge of Ultra

The preparation of the marathon runners, which starts in advance and requires a clear plan, is his main focus. The more customized the plan is, the better results the athlete will achieve. That is the idea at the heart of Ultra app: a customized and well-designed plan of individual training sessions for the marathon runners. The challenge we faced was to transfer our client’s developments from spreadsheets, bringing them within everybody’s reach in a convenient, usable, and high-performance application.

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Solution for Ultra

Right from the start, the client provided us, the Devvela company, with athlete’s customizable training plans. We studied the devised formulas of this program and developed a high-performance application with a convenient/user-friendly UI/UX to make it easy for the athletes to follow the training program. We transformed the formula variables into user parameters (height, weight, training level, average daily physical activity, etc.) set during the registration process. These parameters determine a specific training plan for each athlete. If necessary, those parameters could be changed in settings and the subsequent recalculation of the training plan will follow.

Another challenge that Devvela had to solve was receiving training data. Collecting data from heart rate monitors was an obvious solution, Polar HRMs were chosen as main devices to begin with. However, during the development process, we enabled the use of any HR monitors, running on Bluetooth protocol. Also, we made integration with Garmin Smart Watches. All this has allowed making training even more comfortable as a user does not have to carry the phone with him. He can just record training with the help of Smart Watches and then analyze it in the ULTRA app after the end of the training session.

To achieve even better results, the app got two types of fitness testing, which help to calculate the training plan more accurately and see the training progress.

A professional training app for avid runners

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Thanks to the collaborative approach and the client's clear vision, the MVP of the Ultra app was successfully developed and released on time. The application gained traction and progressed to the next stage of development. Currently, the app collects training statistics and provides users with control over their training plans. Future plans include allowing users to modify their training plans based on previous results, real-time training feedback, and integration with Apple Watch and other devices. Devvela remains committed to continuously improving the app to meet the evolving needs of marathon runners and support the client's vision for Ultra.

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