Focus area

Web design and development

Devvela provides web design and web development services for clients ranging from enterprises and world-famous artists to tech startups and small/midsized businesses in the US and worldwide.

Website Design & Development Expertise Areas

We’re a website development agency that builds tools, platforms, experiences and beauty. We’ve worked on a lot of projects and it has never been just about creating a simple promo website.

Powerful Web Tools

We’ve upgraded a lot of websites for established businesses of all sizes adding new powerful complex features to help them grow, whether it’s custom reservation system or elevator configuration tool. No matter what business challenges you face, we have tech knowledge required to secure your success and competitiveness within your industry.

Custom Website From Scratch

In today’s world, no business will survive without a website. Of course, there are tools that allow you to build one without coding. But if you want a scalable product that can later be equipped with new features or changed alongside with the business concept then you need custom website design. Content Management Systems (CMS) we build with are easy to use and take Search Engine Optimization (SEO) into account to make it part of your content marketing strategy.

Complex Web Startups

Your MVP is all about complex web technology? Devvela knows how to bring the craziest ideas to life through website design and development. We’re experienced in building web platforms that meet very special requirements and achieve the most unexpected goals.

UI/UX Design

Devvela is one of the best web design agencies in Chicago. We create web design that is user-friendly, looks beautiful and functions flawlessly. Our designers create user experiences your website visitors will love at once, no matter which device they use to view it.

Web Development Technologies and Solutions

Engineers of our website design company master the most cutting edge technologies in building custom web products.

Responsive Website Development

Our engineers apply HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to create responsive web design. RWD allows websites to look similarly awesome on any platform. Whether you view such website on desktop, tablet, or smartphone, it adopts to any screen allowing the same amazing experiences.

Mobile Web App Development

We build mobile web applications that look and behave just like native mobile apps. Using technologies such as React Native, AngularJS, Ionic, Cordova (ex. PhoneGap), Xamarin, Sencha Touch, jQuery Mobile, Devvela engineers create experiences that are hard to tell from the ones built with mobile tech (but we develop native apps, too).

Interactive User Interfaces

Our front-end developers apply technologies such as ReactJS, AngularJS and other javascript frameworks to build interfaces that interact with your users in a simple and friendly way. Such interfaces are created to meet the expectations of your specified target audience thus boosting average time spent on your website and increasing customer loyalty. We know how to have your end-users engaged.

Web APIs

Professional back-end developers at Devvela apply REST and JSON as message exchange format to build APIs for mobile and web applications. APIs facilitate maintenance of current functionality and introduction of new features. With web API built, your apps can only talk to the database through it.

Software Architecture

We use different design patterns and technology stacks depending on the application, what it needs, and how it behaves. This allows designing software architecture that is best for your web product. Most advanced frameworks are used for that.

Cloud Development

Devvela engineers provide expertise at developing complex cloud solutions. This allows for building secure, well-performing and, most important, highly scalable web applications. When the number of users of your website starts to grow resources provided by cloud computing allow to scale up painlessly and save your money.

3rd Party Integration

Today, you can’t probably imagine a powerful website without 3rd party services integrated. Whether it’s eCommerce, blog or news website, there are well-established solutions that meet your platform’s needs. Devvela engineers painlessly integrate client website with all major 3rd party applications such as PayPal, Stripe, Amazon Web Services, Google Calendar, Google Maps, Google Forms, Twitter, Instagram and other social media and services.

Quality Assurance

Before we release your website, our QA engineers conduct thorough research on possible errors and bugs. By testing, we apply the most advanced tools to leave no issue unnoticed. Fixes are mostly quick and unproblematic.


We treat every project individually considering client’s special needs and requirements. However, our preferred software development methodology is Agile, and we strongly recommend that our clients keep to Lean business model. Since 2007, we’ve secured technical competitiveness for a lot of web startups, so we’re well aware of how they are to be built and launched.

Why Devvela is the best web development partner

Flexible engagement models

We offer you to choose between the two engagement models:

  • Dedicated Team – a team of web developers zeroes in on your project. No interruptions.
  • Time & Materials – web development costs depend on hours required to execute the tasks on your project.

Comfortable price

We’re not the cheapest website development company. But the quality we provide outvalue the cost of developing a website with us.

Redused risk

Unlike many other web development agencies, we provide more than just code – we want to make sure you achieve your business goals. Sticking to Agile methodology allows us to launch early so that you can quickly take the product to the market, gather feedback and see if there is a demand for it. This greatly reduces the risk of burning resources to create a product that nobody wants.

You’re engaged

We don’t want you to be surprised with the final results. For this reason, we work very closely with you engaging you in the process.

Years of experience

We’re among the oldest providers of web development in Chicago. Since 2007, we’ve been helping:

  • startup founders turn bold ideas into online businesses;
  • brick & mortar businesses undergo digital transformation;
  • enterprises raise efficiency and reduce costs;
  • digital agencies profit from the deals that require extra workforce.

Needless to say we’ve had a chance to learn a lot. Our experience is at your service.

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