Web Application Development

Devvela provides web app development services for clients in Chicago, US and universally. We build powerful web tools that help small businesses, startups, artists and enterprises grow.

Our engineers design web applications that solve the most complex problems that businesses may face. Through Back End development, Front End development and UI/UX design, we help you grow.


We’re a website application development company that builds tools, platforms, experiences and beauty.

Powerful Web Tools

From custom reservation system to elevator configuration tool, we have built a lot of powerful web applications that took businesses to the next level of online presence. No matter what challenges your business faces, whether it’s marketing or manufacturing, our tech expertise will help you grow and be competitive in your market.

Complex Web Startups

If your MVP’s main features are based on web technology this means you need a web application built, not just a simple landing page. At Devvela, we have worked on multiple startups like that. Techpreneurship is a risky path, and we know how to reduce risks on the stage of building a product.

Cloud Development

We’re experts at developing complex cloud solutions that allow for secure, well-performing and, most important, highly scalable web applications. With resources provided by cloud computing you can scale up painlessly and save your money as the number of your website’s visitors starts to grow.

Cross-Platform Web App Development

Today, when building a web app, you have to make sure it looks and performs equally great on every platform, whether it’s desktop, tablet or smartphone. In addition to standard web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, Devvela applies leading open source frameworks such as React Native, AngularJS, Ionic, Cordova (ex. PhoneGap), Xamarin, Sencha Touch and jQuery Mobile to build responsive web applications that have the same appearance and functions on any device.

Web Application Interface Design

The more complex problems a web application solves, the more complicated it is to handle. That’s why UI/UX design is a matter of top priority here. User interface for web applications has to be intuitive and as easy to use as possible.

Web App Development Methodology

Most web applications aim to solve very specific problems. This means every app has its own requirements that influence the development process. That’s why we prefer Agile as a methodology of website development. No matter the scope or type of project, this approach allows us to deliver quality work and meet the product requirements. Agile practice has proven efficient through years of experience.



Devvela is one of the leading web application development companies in USA. Here’s why.


PHP Web Development

  • CMS development and customization
  • Customer loyalty and retention programs
  • Reservation systems
  • Manufacturing configuration tools
  • eCommerce
  • API for mobile apps
  • 3rd party integration
  • Social functions

Java Web Development

  • Customer relationship management
  • Injury management
  • Health monitoring
  • Athletic training management
  • Gamified platforms
  • 3rd party integration
  • Social functions

JavaScript and HTML5

  • Impressive visual effects
  • Advanced data visualization
  • Most powerful JavaScript frameworks and libraries
  • Responsive web design with mobile first approach


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