Design Services

Devvela is a Chicago digital design agency. We provide design services for enterprises, world-famous artists, tech startups and established small/midsized businesses in USA and worldwide.

Designers at Devvela create clear and beautiful digital products. Our design studio has been delivering quality work since 2007.

Digital Design Expertise Areas

We have an extensive experience designing all sorts of custom digital products.

Mobile Interface Design

At Devvela, we create custom mobile apps that are beautiful and easy to use. When creating an interface for your iOS or Android app we focus on the goals you aim to achieve with it.

Web Interface Design

Websites we build are fully responsive and mobile friendly. Through UI/UX design, we improve performance of established businesses and provide advantage to some of the boldest startups.

Branding and Logo Design

Boosting your performance on the Web and mobile devices isn’t just about creating a platform. We can make your brand stand out with recognizable logo and other branding instruments.

Digital Design Methodology

Our approach is based on the assumption that every project is unique. Utilizing Agile methodology helps us design your digital product in accordance with the goals you aim to achieve with it. We make sure that we’re not building an eye-catching interface when, in reality, your business model requires a clean and clear platform.

Why Devvela Is a Top Digital Design Services Provider


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