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Seminar mapping site

Looking to improve healthcare marketing and sales through digital? Check out how this agency did with Seminar mapping site, a web platform built by DEVVELA.

PHP API MySQL Yii Framework


Healthcare marketing is a complex industry. But digital innovation can make the process smarter and, thus, easier. That’s exactly what our client’s platform was thought to achieve


The client, Proteus is a big data-driven healthcare marketing agency operating in seven states. They needed to improve interactions between salespeople and managers by minimizing time costly operations. Now, their manager only needs to create an xls file, zip-archive it and upload it on ftp server. The file then gets unpacked, parsed and sent to the database. On the other side, a salesperson specifies their chosen location on the map to see the list of medical organizations and practitioners available as prospects within the neighbourhood. These prospects can be filtered by the priority specified by a manager, sales status, ZIP and other features. Prospects have their profiles including all necessary data, as well as a list of similar prospects located within the specified range.


It took us 4 sprints, 2 weeks each, to build the web app on ReactJS which allowed to make the system capable of processing a lot of requests. Google maps were integrated through Google API. We used Yii Framework to build Back End and allow administrators to customize website’s layout and create users. Database management is facilitated with MySQL.

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