STS Online

Online streaming section for one of the most popular entertainment TV channels
PHP, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Yii 2.0
Web development

STS, one of the most popular entertainment TV channels in Russia, chose Devvela to develop a new website section with an online streaming feature.

During the project our team:

  • Created a 100% responsive layout of the section design
  • Researched current API methods for working with video content storage, and develop recommendations on how those methods should be adjusted for the new section
  • Provided our recommendations on the server configuration based on an upload forecast and set up.

Beside this, we implemented Universal Analytics goal tracking through Google Tag Manager and set up AB-test via Google Optimize.

Video content of the channel turned out to be so popular that after launching a new season of a top rated TV show, the section upload exceeded the forecast several times higher. We revised server settings very quickly in order to provide the required website performance.

All of the STS TV programs can now be accessed online. Those programs that went through are also available for website users on demand.

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