Helping consumers in the US find the most relevant local retail deals in a couple of clicks or taps.



Founders of Shoplocal reached out to us for the development of a “regular” web app, as they put it — but with a fluid grid layout.

After a talk with the client, the product idea came out as more complex. What they actually had in mind was an advanced aggregator of best retailer deals and ads, allowing consumers across the United States to browse relevant offers and organize them as shopping lists on their smartphone or PC.

The client had a small in-house team of ReactJS developers. At that point, Devvela already had expertise in building applications with this technology for startups, which made us a perfect choice of partner.


We developed a highly responsive single-page web app to enable spotless experience for consumers browsing offers from a desktop computer and smartphone users alike.

To provide the client with intelligent insights into the use of Shoplocal, we integrated and configured Google Analytics with the app.

Devvela enabled finding relevant deals and stores that partner with Shoplocal in the user’s area with a ZIP-based search. We also added filters like category, subcategory, and retailer for more advanced browsing.

You can also get store information, such as an address, phone number, business hours, and discounted goods catalogs that retailers typically distribute as printed brochures in the app.


It took us three months to develop the Shoplocal app.

Today, it is a fast and user-friendly tool for smart shopping. The loading speed is the highest possible, regardless of the device you use to browse offers.

Based on Google Analytics data, website administrators can suggest further improvements to continually make Shoplocal more user-friendly and quickly adjust to achieving specific goals.

When retailers tried Shoplocal, they loved it and requested our client to enable integration with their websites. This request translated into the next stage of the development, resulting in a new product: Shoplocal Platform.

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