With Shoplocal, you don’t need to go through endless retailer paper ads to find the best deals. Browse top offers nearby and build shopping lists on your PC or mobile.
Web development

We are immensely proud to have put the best of our technical expertise to develop Shoplocal, an intelligent aggregator of retailer best deals and ads. It allows customers across the United States to easily browse an array of relevant offers and organize them into shopping lists on their mobile or PC.

The Shoplocal website is a responsive single-page application based on React JS. You only need to enter a ZIP code on the site once to be presented a complete list of deals at nearby stores.

You can sort offers by category, subcategory, and retailer. Printed ads and nearest store information, such as address, phone, and open hours, are also presented on the website.

We dedicated a lot of effort to making the interface highly responsive. As a result, all features are available and easy to use whether you browse the catalog from your PC or mobile. The load speed is also fascinating regardless of your device, thanks to the technology stack that we have most carefully selected and configured.

Finally, we configured Google Analytics so that it provides detailed interface use insights. Based on this data, website administrators can suggest further improvements to continually make Shoplocal more user-friendly and quickly adjust to achieving specific goals.

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