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Premier point home health

Bringing the connected health concept to life. The development of a mobile app allowing patients to manage their treatment schedule on the fly.

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Premier Point Home Health charged us to complete and perfect a mobile app for patients and clinic management software based on the Connected Health concept. Another digital agency had worked on the project and repeatedly postponed its launch in production until the client decided to turn to us instead. It was high-time the app was rolled out.


We began with reviewing and testing features in compliance with specifications left from the previous app development vendor. This resulted in the creation of an adjustment list split into two parts: features that are critical for the launch and further improvements that can be gradually introduced once the app up and running. Initially estimated as 2,5 months, the time for completing tasks from the first list was extended by two weeks due to numerous un-obvious gaps in the app’s behavior. These gaps were left from the previous developers and would have prevented integrating the software into the client’s business processes. Filling them was crucial.


It took us just three months to:

Fix critical issues, ranging from field validation failures to complete shutdowns;
Optimize app architecture and build back-end from scratch;
Fix broken chat connecting users and admins;
Extend the feature set of the administrator board.
Today, PPHH clients use the iOS and Android app to manage their treatment schedules and rate services. Clinic administrators have a full picture of appointments as displayed on the back-office board and can easily monitor and handle patient feedback. Administrators and patients can stay constantly in touch via chat, which improves patient satisfaction and retention for the clinic.

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