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Taking sports injury management to a new level with a powerful web platform.

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For about six years, Tyrre Burks had played college and professional football, until one day he pulled his hamstring. He struggled to communicate with his coaches and trainers about how he was getting to practice and what his responsibilities needed to be. Finally, Burks realized he should create a technical solution for this problem, which propelled the idea of Player’s Health.


When Burks came to us, he described his idea as a platform that would allow athletes to improve how they communicated with their athletic staff, monitor injuries, and schedule training accordingly.

At that point, the groundwork had been laid by an in-house developer. Still, there was a lot of work ahead that needed to be done quickly so that Burks could make a successful investor pitch. That is when Devvela jumped in with its expertise in the development of innovative products.


It was important to move quickly from day one, so we applied pair programming to ensure a high development speed early.

Our team took the original code as a base, scaled it, and enabled new platform features. We tried and rejected four app versions, toying with design and user experience, before we finally released a product that met the client’s expectations.

Player’s Health is our first project on ReactJS and Flux, as well as a first experience in creating a mobile app with Javascript. Other technologies that we used to build the platform are BEM and ECMAScript 2015+.


Despite the uncertainty typical for all startups, it took us only six weeks to turn the idea into a working application.

Player’s Health began to gain traction with investors early. In 2016, it took the Judge’s Favourite Award at Google Demo Day. GDD’s expert panel of judges’ featured representatives of Revolution and Case Foundation, Andreessen Horowitz, and 500 Startups.

Words can’t describe the gratitude I have for Devvela’s timeliness, speed, and quality. They are definitely in a league of their own. Thank you so much for delivering such a phenomenal product us. I look forward to very prosperous relationship.

Tyrre Burks


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