Outdated website adaptation for a nonprofit organization.

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Projects for nonprofit organizations are very important, so they should be implemented in the best way.
A few years ago, we responded to RFP to get an opportunity to develop a project for such an organization. Although we were runners-up, we were not left unnoticed and were included in the database of potential vendors. MARAMA – The Mid-Atlantic Regional Air Management Association found us there. They were tired of using an outdated website and wanted to improve the site’s usability due to business growth and consolidation with Mid Atlantic Diesel Collaborative.


The updated website was intended to include both a public section and a password-protected section for disseminating restricted content. But the total amount of data stored exceeded the standard size of web hosting data storage. We solved this problem by using highly-scalable cloud object storage – Amazon S3. It provided us with the possibility of not sacrificing data completeness and accessibility while giving the client the chance to store any amount of necessary information for a reasonable price. In addition, thanks to that, we could satisfy one of the main demands of the client – saving the history of all uploaded file versions.
MARAMA website was supposed to be accessible to blind or limited-vision users in accordance with ADA Compliance and Section 508. We used documentation standards and checklists in accordance with this requirement for the implementation of necessary functions on the website: contrast, font size adjustments, and others.


After 4 months of cooperation with us, МARAMA got a completely updated website with reworked user experience. We implemented all of their requirements. Enormous amounts of data are no longer a headache for the admins. Adding and editing information works like a charm. The website works quickly and looks great on any device. And it is adapted for people with disabilities.
We value our work with the organization dedicated to prevent and reduce the impact of air pollution and we were delighted to be of service for MARAMA. Creation of an up-to-date website for them and facilitation of its use is our (small) contribution to their case for environmental protection.

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