Manufacturing machine status monitoring

Industrial IoT app to help engineers hold their finger on the factory’s pulse
Fortune 200 Corporation
Golang, PHP, Electron framework, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS3
Web, Mobile, IoT development

Every modern industrial appliance is equipped with a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) module that receives and stores the data sent from the appliance, allowing the operation of the appliance via the computer interface. One of the leading CNC manufacturers, a Fortune 200 Corporation, requested the development of a mobile application that would allow engineers to monitor the performance of an appliance in real time.

Mobile app interface

The appliance sends its performance data through adapters of various types using MTConnect 1.3, a manufacturing technical standard. The adapters can be customized for the use of multiple XML schemas.

The applications we built are able to identify XML schemas of different adapter types, determine the current overall state of an appliance (Normal, Warning, or Fault) and display this status with a particular color. Other parameters can also be monitored within the app interfaces.

A list of appliances can be assigned to a user specifically responsible for these appliances. This will save the trouble of finding them on a long complete list of appliances.

Web app interface

While working on the mobile app, it was decided to also build a web app that could show the same information on a big monitor screen.

Though developed from scratch and within tight time limits, both apps were successfully demonstrated at the world-famous event IMTS 2018 in Chicago in September 2018.

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