Building the MVP of a next-generation coupon app

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If you have an entrepreneurial mindset, you are constantly looking for problems to solve. So did the founder of Ezbuzz.
He has had many connections in the bar industry. At one point, he noticed that bars struggled to do effective promotion within their budget. Buying and installing special equipment, developing software, and printing and handing out coupons have all been time-consuming and expensive tasks.
Ezbuzz set out to change that. It wanted to create a smart cross-promotion tool for local bars that would remove paper and hardware from coupon-based promotion.
The startup came to us with prototypes. But those were just the tip of the iceberg that was in the mind of the founder.


As we worked on the project, Ezbuzz decided to expand its target audience beyond bars to all consumer businesses. Besides,our client was requesting ever more new features. Our team listened carefully to all proposals for supplementing. Working closely with the Ezbuzz founder, we narrowed it all down to a minimum viable product (MVP).
First of all, we enabled creating coupons based on a set of parameters. Those digital coupons allowed businesses to easily promote their deals anywhere online. They only need to share their unique promotion link via email or social media.
Implementing cross-promotion, the killer feature of the app, was the next step.
We enabled businesses to band together in Promotion Trails creating a bundle of coupon deals. In addition to creating their own coupons, each Trail member can now hand out those of their Trail. When they do that, they target the combined audience of all member companies, which increases the promotion’s outreach.
We also implemented statistics to help businesses see which coupons, Trails, and channels work best.


By weeding out the MVP functionality, we created an innovative product in a cost-efficient manner.
Businesses can give the app a run for a trial period to decide whether it meets their needs or subscribe right off. Soon after Ezbuzz had presented the app to bars, it received positive feedback, and accounts began to pop up. For an MVP, signals like that are encouraging.
Ezbuzz reinvents discount coupons for consumer businesses. It has already shown that it can make promotion much cheaper and easier than it is now. With the groundwork we’ve laid, the company can work towards its further ideas for the app.

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