Exantra world

Never before has your gaming experience been so tied to your real-life decisions.



Edward Young, a graphic designer, gamer, and natural-born leader, reached out to Devvela in summer 2017. He showed us some raw mockups and explained that he wanted to revolutionize fitness through an RPG mobile game.

The digital universe of Exantra had to be built upon real-life challenges, melding workouts and gaming into a seamless whole. In other words, the app was supposed to take the data from wearables and make a game of it.

Our experience in helping tech startups and passion for sports have proven us to be the natural choice of a vendor for this daring project.

It was obvious from the beginning that building both gaming and fitness functionalities would not be a cost-effective approach at the MVP development stage.

Instead, we suggested setting up the core fitness features of the prospective app first, so that the founder would soon have an early product he could use to explain the ultimate idea to investors.


During the discovery, we redesigned the original mockups, minimizing the number of screens and elements per screen to make the design more user-friendly.

Further, Edward used the mockups to craft a clickable prototype with a personalized training program for each member of our team. As part of the discovery process, we tested these prototypes through real-life workout sessions.The discovery suggested the following features as critical for the MVP:

  • Workout routines and exercises;
  • Grind sessions and switching between exercises and sets;
  • Exercise time and heart rate tracking;
  • Stats and notes;
  • Experience points and rewards.

Drawing on the target audience and the devices it preferred, we also specified the requirements for further development of the product as a gaming app.


It took us, Devvela and Edward, four months past discovery to develop an iOS fitness app with gamification elements, all ready for beta-testing.

The app we developed could be integrated with the most popular wearables through Apple Health, which maximized the potential user base. This is why we chose iOS as a beta launch platform.

Edward and his team took the app built in collaboration with Devvela to Kickstarter and soon raised over $18,000 in pledges which was enough for the next investment phase. After a successful beta test, they launched another campaign for Exantra World on Kickstarter and raised even more funds to continue developing the product as a gaming app.

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