Never before has your gaming experience been so tied to your real-life decisions.


Edward Yang, the founder and inspirer of Exantra World, reached out to us at the end of summer 2017. We were blown away by Edward’s idea of a unique RPG fitness mobile game, which is linked directly to real life challenges.
The project consists of two parts – a game-part and a fitness-part. Both parts were controversial plus it should have integrations with fitness wearables. That’s why we didn’t start the development process right away, instead, we decided to conduct a discovery first so we could define an MVP.


Edward, a gamer, a graphic designer himself and a natural born leader, was taking an active part in the process. Thanks to Edward each member of the project team received an individual clickable prototype of the fitness-part of the app, that contained their personal training programs. Those prototypes were tested during real-life workout sessions. Good thing there are a lot of sport-addicted and (of course) mobile-app-addicted guys in Devvela, so we were able to make the most of this stage.


As a result of the Discovery stage, with regard to the fitness-part:

1. We defined key features of the fitness-part and designed new prototypes, minimizing the number of screens and the number of elements on each screen. App became more handier for using during workout sessions. Based on our prototypes, Edward developed a new design of the fitness part of the app.
2. We also made a decision on the integration with fitness trackers. Integration with Apple Health was the most cost-effective way to reach a maximum share of the audience since all the popular fitness trackers are already integrated with it. Due to this, the question of which platform to choose for the beta-version, Android or iOS, was resolved too.

It was agreed, that the MVP of the fitness-part of the app should include:

  • Workout creation and filling it with exercises;
  • Start of a Grind session, switching between exercises and sets;
  • Tracking exercise time and heart rates;
  • Viewing stats and adding notes;
  • Viewing experience points and rewards.

As for the game-part of the app, we defined main requirements for it based on the target audience and devices that gamers will use. However, we decided to postpone the game-part development until after the fitness-part beta-test launch.

In the 4 months since the end of the Discovery stage, we along with Edward’s team developed the fitness-part and prepared it for the massive beta-testing. To gain an access to beta-test of the fitness-part of Exantra World you should become a backer of its Kickstarter campaign which is in the midst right now. The next project phase is backed by 89% already! As for us, all Devvela’s team keep using their application copies and supporting the project not only by our development skills but sporting skills too!

Mobile app interface

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