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Mobile development

Devvela is one of the Chicago’s top mobile app development companies. We have built cutting-edge mobile applications for clients ranging from award-winning startups to established small and middle businesses. Our team of experienced app developers is building custom apps daily. Devvela provides both native app development and cross-platform solutions to execute most innovative and complex app ideas. Devvela delivers quality development and design work since 2007.

Native App Development

iOS App Development

Connect with our iOS app development engineers to create an MVP, sophisticated mobile solutions, and high-performance apps for iPhone/iPad. Our developers are experts at Swift and Objective-C programming languages and confident Xcode and Cocoa Touch users. Built by Devvela, your app is sure to find its way to the App Store and stand out from other applications there.

Android App Development

Solve business problems and bring brand new ideas to life with our professional Android development team. Devvela engineers utilize Android Studio, Java, and Firebase technologies to build awesome Android apps. Reach out to millions of Android powered devices throughout the world.

Cross-Platform App Development

Devvela applies leading open source frameworks such as React Native, AngularJS, Ionic, Cordova (ex. PhoneGap), Xamarin, Sencha Touch and jQuery Mobile, as well as standard web technologies HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to build applications that have the same appearance and functions on any platform.

Mobile Website Development

Mobile website is not a mobile app in the conventional sense. It’s made capable of adjusting to smaller screen resolutions through responsive web design. Devvela software engineers are top-notch experts at using RWD and leading open source frameworks.

Mobile Web App Development

Mobile web app is also a website. The difference here is, it looks and behaves very similarly to native apps. Visually, it’s hard to say whether this one is a mobile app or a mobile web app, but the technologies used here are those of the web.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

You can download and install hybrid mobile apps from Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Market, keep them on your mobile device and launch just like a native app. What differentiates them from native apps? HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript are used to write some of the code for hybrid apps, and the code can be reused across various device platforms.


We are experts at creating user-friendly UIs for all kinds of users. We design apps that are not only beautiful but also powerful and easy to use. Let your customers feel completely comfortable using your mobile application.


Our approach is personalized, and the way our specialists build depends mainly on your project. However, we prefer keeping to Agile methodology which allows for Lean business model and reduces risks greatly. We know how startups should be built and launched, and we’re ready to apply this knowledge when working on your unique project.

What makes Devvela the best mobile app development partner

Flexible engagement models

When working with us you’re free to choose one of the following two engagement models:

  • Dedicated Team – we build up a team of engineers to work solely on your app. Their workflow isn’t interrupted by any other work.
  • Time & Materials – you’re charged by hours spent on your mobile app. Once the tasks are clear we estimate how much time it would take to execute them.

Competitive price

You only pay for the sheer quality. Our rate is 100% fair and includes only what it takes to develop a highly-usable application or a powerful feature. No need to raid a piggy bank!

Low-risk development

We offer feature-centric Agile mobile development model allowing to launch and test early. This helps prevent actual failure, pivot at the right time and minimize loss of resources. There’s no better option for daring entrepreneurs.

Proven track record

In the year 2016, Clutch, a research firm that is located in Washington, DC, conducted a thorough research on our services, market presence and portfolio. They reached out to four of our clients who had awesome things to say. Based on the research finding, Clutch named Devvela as one of the top companies that provide mobile development in Chicago.

High client engagement

In order to ensure the product meets all client and stakeholders’ requirements, Devvela works very close with you. This helps to avoid misunderstanding between us and deliver desired product specifications.

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