Everything Connected

A dedicated IoT solution for appliance manufacturers based on AWS IoT Core

Why Everything Connected

Enable customers to remotely access, monitor and manage your product with our IoT solution. Based on Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT Core, it saves your resources and can be easily customized to your needs.

We created Everything Connected for:

  • Manufacturers of electronic appliance for businesses and end customers, from kettles to industrial furnaces
  • Manufacturers of non-electronic appliances that could be monitored and managed for the customer’s benefit

Everything Connected Structure

  • Key components:
    • Private Сloud for device and user management based on AWS IoT Core
    • Connecting customer electronic devices to the Private Cloud
  • Optional components:
    • Mobile apps (iOS and Android) for end-customer
    • Web platform for end-customer
    • Hardware like sensors and controllers to equip your non-electronic products with for remote access and

Origins Of Everything Connected

  • Your customers use smartphones to manage their daily lives and jobs on the fly. They want your products to align with this habit.
  • The IoT market is already huge and expected to keep exploding: Business Insider predicts the number of IoT devices out there to exceed 64 billion by 2025. Established businesses often feel intimidated by these numbers and begin to invest heavily in the technology. But do you actually need to do that? Devvela believes you don’t.

We have analyzed technical specifications commonly put forward by our IoT clients and singled out regular features shared by business applications and customer devices. Drawing on that, we designed an efficient streamlined solution that will allow you to incrementally implement IoT elements with your products.

How Everything Connected Beats Custom IoT Development

Our solution is:

times less expensive

Implemented 7 times faster


easily scalable!

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